Dreamer Series: Maine

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Dreamer Series. The place I'll be discussing today is very near and dear to my heart because my mom is from there. May I introduce to you the beautiful Maine? Now, when people think of Maine, they may think of seafood, snow, and all around coldness. Maine is all of these things, but it also home to wonderful people, mom & pop shops, and some of the best waters around. Without further ado, the Dreamer Series: Maine.


I go to Maine almost every summer, and every time we go to the ocean. It is the highlight of the whole trip for me, and I think my mom too because the water is so nice. It is cold, and I mean very cold. It's so cold that one time my fingers and lips started to turn blue. You have to inch yourself in; this is not like jumping in and everything being ok. Let your feet get used to the water, then your legs, so on and so forth.

Highlight: The beach

The beach we go to is Pine Point. Pine Point is a calm beautiful beach with houses that you wish you could live in because they are right on the water. Pine Point also has these rock boulders that separate the public part from the part for boaters. My cousins and I go to these boulders every time and climb the rocks trying to find seashells. Pine Point is always a good time.


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash


-Old Orchard Beach

- Kayaking on Bonny Eagle Bond

- White Lake State Park (this is in New Hampshire, but it is a short drive from where my family is. Let me tell you, this is a must!)

-Libby & Son U picks (awesome apple orchard with the best homemade apple cider donuts ever)

-Shops in Cornish (These are the mom & pop shops; its just cool to walk around and see what they have.)


Courtesy of Pexels



-Italians from Plummers Shop’n Save (FYI these do not have pepperoni, salami or any of that stuff.)

-Whoopie Pies from Plummers Shop’n Save

-Sofia’s Pizza & Roast Beef (Buffalo Chicken Pizza!!)

-Dairy Corner (Honestly the best ice cream; this is a tradition on the way back from Old Orchard.)


We normally stay with family, but we sometimes rent houses. We rent houses from Jordan Rentals. We haven’t rented in a few years, but they are a solid company. All the houses are amazing, and I would love for the family to rent again. Jordan Rentals rents houses on Sebago lake, which is a real popular lake in Maine. It is mostly clear water, which is a nice difference from Virginia’s waters

I hope you enjoyed learning about Maine because honestly this place is like a second home to me. I'll see you next time with Dreamer Series part three.

P.S. Where is the farthest you have been up north? Let me know in the comments below.