#cnuwomenare: Take Note A Cappella

During my two years at CNU, I've met so (so, so, SO) many women that have inspired and encouraged me to be a fantastic young woman (yes, I'm patting myself on the back). 

Take Note at Sing Your Heart Out

Take Note a cappella is a group of AMAZING women that I joined at the beginning of this semster. I love each and every one of them. Founded in February of 2010, these girls love rocking out onstage and off. We also love spending time together and hanging out on retreat days. We find inspiration in a variety of music, from throwback hits to modern tunes and they're known for their killer mashups.

Take Note at their most recent retreat

I left high school honestly thinking that I wouldn't be able to continue with my passions for music. Auditioning for Take Note was nerve racking, but the payoff is still giving back. I love being with my girls and rehearsing music. 

Some of the women from Take Note have said:

"We do songs that empower women and we also have a lady bass and a beatboxer, which definintely isn't typical. We defy the stereotypes that only men can beatbox and hit low notes. We also have so much sass and give a classy performance. We aren't just little girls that sing. We represent love, the power of friendship, and women's strength."

"I love being able to vent to a group of women I can trust and are empathetic to what I'm going through. It's honestly theraputic! It's nice to know that we take care of each other as singers and women."

"Our mashup 'Love Me/See You' represents our bond as a musical sisterhood."

Take Note has an upcoming concert on April 20th in CNU's M&T Hall. Like them on Facebook to keep up with all things Take Note!

Want to express how important the CNU Women in your life Are? Come out to visit Her Campus at CNU in the Trible Plaza on Tuesday, April 11, from 11:30am to 2:30pm and show the world how CNU women have inspired you!