CNU Drag Ball 2019

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, CNU hosted its 4th annual Drag Ball in the David Student Union Ballroom. I, alongside my wonderful photographer Nina, charged into the ballroom ready to throw some ones and support the queens. 

The ballroom looked absolutely amazing. There were LED lights all along the walls, snacks and refreshments off to the side, and a large thrust stage with audience seeting on all three sides. CNU's organization Spectrum put on the event, and they did an absolutely phenomenal job setting up the venue.

After much anticipation and crowd warming-up, the draq queens finally entered the stage, escorted by a man in a rainbow leotard. Every queen was dressed to impress, and they all had the energy to match the crowd. The night kicked off with a few jokes from the two queen hosts before going into a couple of dance routines. The crowd went wild for each performer--dollar bills were flying in the air.

Most of the drag queens were professionals, but some were amateur drag queens, performing in their very first show. Absolutely everyone did an amazing job, dancing along to killer music and hyping up the audience.

Hypnotic Control, CNU's largest dance organization, also performed at Drag Ball, and they did an excellent job as always. After their performance, we got to see a few more amazing queens strut their stuff before the night ended.

Spectrum announced that the event brought in over 1,000 dollars in support of LGBTQ+ charities and organizations, which is incredible. Overall, the night was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to next year's Drag Ball already!