CNU Campus Cutie: Karrah Tranquill

Meet Karrah, a bright-spirited and spontaneous woman who has endless amounts of love to give to those around her.

Name: Karrah Tranquill

Year: Sophomore

Majors/Minors: Double Major in Communications & Psychology, and a Minor in Sociology

Hometown: Fredericksburg

"Just out of curiosity, Karrah, why did you choose those majors & minor?"

"I feel like they're actually all easily linked. Comm is how we connect with other people, and then Psych is the concept of ourselves and the world. And Sociology is, like, the broad scheme of how systems mess with our heads. I'm just really interested in the human experience and what it means to build a self-concept."

"That's actually amazing. So, since you study this, do you feel as though you have a good self-concept?"

"Not really. I fake it most of the time. Everybody hates themselves sometimes, but I think that if I can look in the mirror and not say something bad about myself, that's an accomplishment. If I can say a good thing about myself, it doesn't really matter what anyone else says or thinks. I seem confident because I don't get embarrassed easily. Like, awkward things happen to me every single day, and I normally just shake it off from being so used to it. I do try to put myself out there and not let what others think affect me. I am a high self-monitor though, and just because I'm outgoing doesn't mean I'm not very aware of how I affect others."

"What all do you do on campus?"

"I'm a part of Where is the Line, which is an organization that advocates against sexual assault and tries to help victims. They partner with Rosemary Trible to put on Take Back The Night. It also helps survivors share their story in a safe, welcoming environment. It's really important to me. I'm also an MC at Cru, and a sister of Alpha Phi, which has been really nice. I wouldn't have met such awesome people if I hadn't gotten involved in Greek Life, even outside of my organization. I love how they interact with each other."

"What has your Greek experience been like? What have you learned from it so far?"

"I decided to go through [recruitment] really last minute because my roommate said I should do it. I also was slightly trying to impress this guy. So I went through not knowing anything about Greek Life really, and I was so happy to be welcomed back to Alpha Phi. I felt a really positive energy, I wasn't embarrassed at all, and I shared stories with people, and they laughed with me, not at me. That's when I started caring about sororities and what they can do for people. Also, being involved on campus is really rewarding. I wouldn't like school as much if I didn't have the events I go to so I can support other organizations. Greek events will always make my day. 

One time, I got robbed because someone returned my wallet but took all the money. But it wasn't a bad day at all because my friend who I met through Greek Life took me home from the doctor's office which was really nice, Mac-N-Phis was that day, and I had such a huge support system to come home to."

"Do you have any activities off campus that you're passionate about?"

"Yeah! I work at a Girl Scout Camp. I started working there on a whim, like all I do. My friend worked there already, and I felt like that job would reflect my values more than like lifeguarding or working at Chick-fil-a.

It's been proven that outdoor activities have a positive impact on mental health, and you see it at camp. I like that my job was purposeful, that these kids had a good time at that camp because of me. The environment is so accepting, supporting, and you have tons of people who will rush to help you if you're struggling. It's also a camp that's super empowering for young girls. They can rock climb, go rafting, start a fire, do all these awesome things. I might want to pursue a career with them maybe."

"That's amazing. I'm sure you know its been debated recently whether girls should be allowed to join Boy Scouts. How do you feel about this subject in particular, since you work closely with Girl Scouts?"

"Being hung up on gender just isn't what's important. I think there are some issues with separating Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I think if a girl wants to join the Boy Scouts so she can be with her friends and do the fun things they do, why not? Anything that makes a younger person feel empowered is important."

"Any advice for your fellow Captains?"

"Join something! I feel like there are so many ways to get involved, so there's no reason to just feel bored while on campus. There are so many organizations that really want people to get involved. It's such an awesome community, too, that you could be a part of if you just put yourself out there a little bit."