CNU Campus Cutie: Karese Kaw-uh '19

Name: Karese Kaw-uh

Year: Junior

Majors/Minors: Theatre Arts Administration with a double minor in Writing & Spanish.

Hometown: I'm a Military Brat, so I've lived in seven states and two other countries. But my parents are currently located in Yorktown, VA. I'd say though that CNU is my home since this is where I've developed the strongest relationships.

"First of all, how do you say your last name?"

"Cow woo. Like a cow at a party that goes 'woo!'"

"What are you involved in on campus?"

"I'm a Resident Assistant at James River Hall. I'm in the theme unit, and I love my residents so much. I also am a part of Intervarsity at CNU, I lead a small women's bible study, and I'm in APO (Alpha Psi Omega). In the Spring, I'll be in Antigone, which is a Greek Tragedy, and I'll be playing the title character."

"So...does that mean you're gonna die?"

"...Maybe. You'll have to see the show to find out."

"I'll definitely have to. What else are you passionate about? What gets you up in the morning?"

"Definitely, the thing that gets me up every morning is the Lord. I wouldn't have the energy I have every day without Him. I like to spend my morning time with Him, reflecting sand being in His presence. That drives everything I do and say. I also have a passion for people. I want to be a part of helping people, which I got the opportunity to do abroad."

"What did you do abroad/where did you go?"

"I studied abroad over the summer in Costa Rica. It was a mix of a study abroad trip and a missions trip. With the missions part, I worked with an organization that would minister to prostitutes in the area. We'd just get to know them and their story. Most people just looked over them as objects rather than people, but we had the opportunity to really connect with them. The organization also worked to rescue underage children from sex trafficking. Overall though, the opportunity to save people, to talk to them, to help them and bring justice to the world, that's what drives me."

"For Halloween, you dressed up as Moana. Is she your favorite Disney princess?"

"I love her. I actually auditioned to be Moana. I sent in my application and everything. But...I was so excited about it that I forgot to read all of the instructions and missed a step. It would've been so great though, to be a Disney Princess. I still have my receipt saved saying that Disney received my application."

"Any advice for your fellow Captains?"

"Don't forget to rest. For real fam. We take a lot of pride in the things we do, which is fantastic. But at the same time, sometimes we forget how to relax. Just remember to rest, breathe, and take a break when you need it."