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Class as told by Jim from the Office

We all know those times when we feel like Jim probably felt on The Office when it comes to class. So, take some time from those classes to enjoy looking at some classic Jim reactions, because we know deep down, we’re all Jim:

When the annoying person in class raises their hand for the millionth time.

When the annoying person in class who constantly asks questions, finally seems to grasp a simple concept.

When you get that email that a class is canceled.

When you get paired up with your class crush for an assignment.

When you have to do a group project and the professor puts you in a group with your least favorite person in class.

When you and your friend ace a test.

When class drama starts going down. 

When the professor can’t seem to understand how to work the PowerPoint.

When someone takes your unassigned assigned seat.

When class gets out early.

FIrst I drink the coffee, then I do the things.  
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