CaptaTHON: Phi Mu and PIKEs Dance Marathon

On October 27, a few members of Her Campus at CNU had the opportunity to attend CaptaTHON, an event put on by the Lambda Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu and the Mu Rho chapter of PIKE here at CNU. We reached out to Courtney Morgan, a sister of Phi Mu and organizer of the event to tell us more about it.

What exactly is CaptaTHON, and what is the purpose of the event?

"CaptaTHON is a 5 hour Dance Marathon and the purpose of it is to raise money for our local CMNH, The Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters! It is a year-long campaign of raising money for this hospital and the main event is to serve as a celebration and last push for fundraising."

How did it get started?

"The Lambda Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu started this as a smaller event a few years ago. Last year, we partnered with Pike to make the event even better. During this past year, we reconstructed the program with the intention of raising more awareness about CHKD and raise even more money for the local children."

Who’s influential in the process?

"The event is co-hosted by the Lambda Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu and Pike at CNU. I was the Executive Director of the event, and lucky enough to have an amazing team to help put everything together and make it such a successful event!"

What’s the most exciting part of the event?

"The event itself was such a blast and we exceeded our fundraising goal! Our goal this year was to raise at least $20,000. By the end of the event, we raised $20,223.58! The process of fundraising goes through a website called DonorDrive, and funds have continued to roll in throughout this week, so I’m so excited to announce that by the end of this week, the total was $21,203.58!!"

How much have you raised?


What do you plan to do with the money raised?

"The money goes straight to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters!"

How has it been working with another organization on campus to put on this event?

"It has been such an amazing experience to build our philanthropy together."

The event was truly a celebration, and an unforgettable night for everyone who attended.