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Going through changes and need a show to match your emotions?

Well, Big Mouth is right for you! With 6 seasons of raunchy and hilarious fun, you’re bound to find a laugh in the silly antics of the main cast of adolescent middle schoolers who have begun the rough journey of puberty.

Puberty is definitely one of the hardest parts of growing up! Thankfully, creator Nick Kroll felt the same and made Big Mouth to help express all the ups and downs of growing up. I would consider it a show for just about anyone 15 and older that can handle a plethora of dirty jokes. By the plethora, I mean every 10 seconds someone makes a sexual innuendo or just straight up drops the F-bomb.

One of the best things about Big Mouth that makes it so humorous is the introduction of the Hormone Monsters: beings that personify every aspect of puberty. They are responsible for all the wild inner thoughts of the show’s pre-teens, and frankly yours, too. Maurice usually drives the boys through their wild teenage boy fantasies; while Connie helps the teenage girls in the show find their inner girl boss (and also their fantasies, as well). There are so many other creatures to meet throughout the show that you’re bound to find a favorite hormone monster to relate to.

While the show is extremely far-fetched in terms of the antics and comedy, it is actually quite relatable if you’ve ever been a teenager. The identity struggles the characters face, the unrequited first loves and other crushes along the way, and the other everyday challenges of growing up in an ever-changing world. The show embraces all the differences everybody has and finds no shame (well maybe a little in season 2) in expressing it. If you’re looking for a show that puts the fun in growing older, Big Mouth is worth a try!

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