Best Disney Channel Original Movies on Disney +

With the new arrival of Disney +, I have been reminded of the awesomeness that was the Disney channel. With that being said, here are my top Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) that I recommend you look back on with Disney +. Also full disclosure, I was born in '99 so most of these movies are mid 2000s.

  1. 1. The Cheetah Girls Franchise

    These movies (excluding the 4th because come on, people) were my life blood growing up. I was sure I would be in a girl group with my 3 best friends and we would tour the world together. The fashion, the culture, the music -- this movie has everything. Most importantly, it promoted female empowerment in a way that I had never seen on Disney before.

  2. 2. Stuck in the Suburbs

    All I have to say is fashion, fashion, fashion. I wanted to dress as those girls so badly! Disney even convinced me that Taran Killam was a young hot pop star that I should fawn over and I did! As a former tween who found herself dramatically stuck in her own suburbs while fantasizing over a certain boy band, this movie really hit home as a twelve year old. It’s time to relive the nostalgia.

  3. 3. Cow Belles

    Ally and AJ were ICONIC. I still love them to this day. But Cow Belles was on a whole other level. Plus, again, Disney is hitting us with that two strong female protagonist lead combo! As a curly-haired tween who could never hassle my hair, Cow Belles gave me the hope that one day I, too, would have perfect curls. Powerful stuff.

  4. 4. Princess Protection Program

    Oh hey look, two amazing female leads! Disney knew exactly what they were doing putting the comedy queen Demi Lovato and the wizarding queen Selena Gomez into one movie. The on and off screen besties (at the time) had the best relationship to display this amazing story of female empowerment. Also, this movie created the single “One and the Same,” the song of an era.

  5. 5. High School Musical Franchise

    I mean, it has to be number 1. The movie of our generation. The series that prompted me to join theater and become a performer. The franchise that skyrocketed the careers of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale to name a few. It is iconic. It is Disney Channel. It is the one and only, High School Musical.

Now, Disney + has a ton of great options to watch (and apparently a new High School Musical series as well?) but I recommend building up that nostalgia and kicking back to watch my favorite DCOMS. What’s your favorite DCOM? Did it make the list?