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Best Costumes to Wear this Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

It’s finally Halloween week! Now’s the time that everyone is scrambling to put together their last minute costume ideas. If you’re still struggling with ideas, here are a few unique costumes you could try this year that’ll just take a bit of creativity, digging in your closet, and a quick trip to a Michaels store.


Okay—so, picture this: you get a giant poster board, cut out the middle, paint the outside like the tiktok app, and somehow make it wearable so that you’re in the middle of the board. You could dress up like a specific Tiktok video person or just be yourself.

Big Mouth Character

This show has blown up since it first aired. And, with the new season just released, why not dress up as your favorite character from the show? You could just do your makeup in a funny way that emphasized the oversized facial features of each character or opt for a homemade mask if you’ve got the skills and creativity to make one (I sure don’t, but kudos to you if you can.) 


Ah, yes. The Eboys and Egirls—two archetypes that has taken the internet—specifically Tiktok–by storm this year. All you’ve gotta do is google eboy/egirl style for some outfit inspo. If you have the urge to live out your Eboy/Egirl fantasy for a night, here’s what you gotta do:

Eboy: Black nail polish, shaggy haricuts, chains, Thrasher T-shirt, layered black clothing, oversized denim jackets, button-down Hawaiian shirts with the first five or so buttons opened, graphic tees, collared shirt, bucket hats.

Egirl: light-colored eyeshadows and lipsticks, highlight to emphasize youthful “baby doll” look, hair clips, black eyeliner hearts under eyes, bangs, short chopped hair, colorful hair, black everything, striped shirts, collared shirts, plaid pants/skirts, choker necklaces, fake circle glasses

Stranger Things Character

With season 3 coming out this past summer, this would be a perfect costume. Stranger Things has cranked out its own type of fashion that has inspired many to replicate. If you’ve always wanted to dress like you just came out of this 80’s based TV show, but don’t feel it’s necessarily your everyday style, now’s the time to step out of your comfort zone and try it!


Okay, hear me out, though. This could be a hilarious couple’s costume—and totally relevant to the time. AirPods have been blowing up this year. Everywhere you look you’ll find those suckers in people’s ears. Why not make them life-sized for a day? You would most definitely win the creativity award at a costume contest with this one.

Alright, I know this list was definitely not your generic costume list—but that’s kind of the point. Having a standout costume during Halloween is the best! Hopefully, if you didn’t find that any of these costumes suited your fancy, you’ll at the very least be inspired to get creative with your costume idea this year. Happy Halloween!