Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Bangs. Are. In. 

2018 is the year for bangs. From actresses like Emilia Clarke to singers like Camila Cabello, everyone is hopping on the bang bandwagon, and for good reason! Bangs make your hair look amazing every single day, add a sexiness to every look, and are fairly easy to style! Plus, there's a perfect style of bangs for every single face shape, so literally anybody can look good with bangs. Curious to know what bang style would look best on you? Find out below:

Oval: Tapered, feathered bangs that hit below the eyebrows

Celebrity inspiration: Dakota Johnson

Oval: Blunt, thick, slightly tapered bangs

Celebrity inspiration: Hannah Simone

Round: thick, arched fringe

Celebrity inspiration: Taylor Swift

Round: long, side swept, layered bangs

Celebrity inspiration: Kirsten Dunst

Square: long, wispy, eye-grazing, slightly tapered fringe

Celebrity inspiration: Olivia Wilde

Square: heavy, feathered fringe

Celebrity inspiration: Emily Deschanel

Heart: layered, side-swept bangs with face framing pieces

Celebrity inspiration: Reese Witherspoon

Heart: wispy, tapered, layered bangs

Celebrity inspiration: Rachel McAdams

No matter what kind of bangs you choose to get, we hope you love the way you look with them!