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Ariana Grande: “I Like Women and Men”

On Monday, Ariana Grande released a new song called “Monopoly,” which features some vocals from her best friend Victoria Monet. The pair dropped the song to thank the fans who have been supporting “7 Rings,” which the duo also created together, for eight weeks.

“Monopoly” is an upbeat pop song that celebrates friendship, success, and quite a few inside jokes between Ari and Vic that have them giggling throughout the track. 

However, one lyric from the song makes a loud and direct statement: “I like women and men,” both girls sing.

Monet came out as bisexual around a year ago, so many listeners are assuming that Grande is simply singing in support of her friend. However, Grande has always been very open about her sexuality and has previously hinted of her possible sexual curiosity for women.

Both girls entered the conversation about the controversial lyric on Monday night following the release of the song. Responding to an Instagram fan who asked if Grande is bisexual or not, Monet simply stated, “She said what she said.” Later, Grande herself noticed a fan on Twitter who tweeted “Ariana ain’t gotta label herself,” and responded, “I haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now, which is okay.”

Grande has always been extremely invovled with the LGBTQ+ community. For example, her older half-brother Frankie is openly gay, most of her friends proudly boast LGBTQ+ pride, and she has headlined numerous Pride events all around the world.

So, that is basically all we know about this lyric….have you heard “Monopoly” yet? What do you think?

Lauren is from Richmond, Virginia. She is majoring in English and planning to pursue a Masters degree in education. She can usually be found reading, volunteering, lifting weights, and/or jamming out to Ariana Grande.
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