Ariana Grande Faces Sexism After Ending Her Engagement

We all remember when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke off their four-month engagement in October. Some of our possible reactions could have been shock, joy, and relief. Regardless of whether or not you “shipped” Pete and Ariana, also called “Petiana” as a couple, one result of their breakup is troubling: the sexism that Grande has been facing has not decreased.

The most recent events of the young celebrities’ social lives have contributed majorly to this problem.

Davidson was seen cozying up to actress Kate Beckinsale at the star-studded Netflix after-party for the Golden Globes Awards. Reportedly, the pair was flirting all night and even left the party together.

Grande was seen walking the streets of New York with ex-boyfriend, ex-employee, and current friend Ricky Alvarez. The pair appeared completely platonic with no sights of hand-holding or even hugging.

However, Grande has been taking the heat for her outing much more than Davidson. Grande has received criticism for being friends with her ex-boyfriend in the aftermath of her breakup, while Davidson receives praise for “bagging” an older girl so quickly.

Personally, I completely support both Davidson and Grande in their attempts to move forward and enjoy their young lives.

What I do not support is the sexism. I think it’s important for people that sexism is possible both ways; Grande should not be receiving criticism for enjoying the company of an old friend, just like Davidson hypothetically should not be receiving hate for putting himself back out into the dating scene.

So how can we as an audience decrease the sexism Grande has been facing and make sure Davidson doesn’t face any in return? Let’s support both of them as they maneuver this challenging part of life, just as we are. Perhaps we can try sending supportive and positive tweets their way or leaving some love on Instagram posts.

But, the bigger issue is tackling sexism in our regular, daily lives. Some ways we can stop everyday sexism include addressing it, being definitive, defending yourself and others, and surrounding yourself with supportive people.

Ultimately, health, happiness, and equality are what matter most. Let’s try to uphold that for ourselves and others.