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Take yourself out on a date, you deserve it! Listed here are some date ideas (fall edition). Treat Yo Self.

A Date at the Bookstore: who cares that your TBR is overflowing. Go out and browse some books, buy a cup of coffee (or tea). Rainy days are the best. Bring your homework and relax if you must.

Go for a Drive, Have an Epic Playlist: I personally don’t do this enough and need to, but back home, this is one of my ideal things to do to get out of my own head.

Visit a Museum: ideally, I would go to D.C., but that is a bit out of our way down here in Newport News. Richmond has some great museums, art exhibits and even gardens that I encourage people go to. I don’t know why people don’t enjoy going to these sorts of things alone.

Go to the Beach: the beach is so close to us and it really is a great place to go to on warmer and not windy days.

Painting Day: I encourage this very much and if you suck at art. There’s also some cool paint by the number pieces at Michael’s that are fun.

Go Shopping with No Intention to Buy Anything: I do this quite often and just leave my debit card at home so I have no way of technically paying for anything (shhh we forget about Apple Pay in these moments).

Go Get Piercings: I’ve been doing this probably too much. Just a little under a month ago, I had five piercings and now I have nine and plan to get a few more in the next month or two.

Thrift Shopping: thrift shopping is always fun, even if you don’t find anything, though I do admit, you have to be in the mood.

Cook A Dinner and Watch Comfort Movie: for me, this looks like chili, a lot of cornbread, and liking some movie I have seen over twenty times.

Go to the Theatre: I love going to the theatre alone, but do prefer to do this during the day, partially because it is cheaper and it is just a cool experience to have. I did this all the time when I was living in Boston!

Farmer’s Market: yes please. I don’t do this enough, but farmer’s markets are always really cool and a great way to support your community. Colonial Williamsburg is also a great place to visit to get those fall vibes that farmer’s markets bring me.

Go Plant Shopping: My roommates do this too much and I love it. I do not because my plant would die from the pathetic amount of light my apartment gets.

Hey all! My name is Monica and I'm currently a senior at CNU dual majoring in History and English Literature. Most likely you're going to catch me on campus stressed, binging House or Criminal Minds or hanging out with my roommates and watching horrible movies, fixing family dinners, and wasting all my money at Barnes and Noble.
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