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8 Ways The Night’s Watch is Just Like a Fraternity

DISCLAIMER: I made the images after I realized it was called “The Night’s Watch” instead of “The Knight’s Watch”, hence the Tau Kappa Omega. It should be Tau Nu Omega. Here we are.

Most people wouldn’t think that Greek Life and Game of Thrones went together. Well, I am here to tell you that they do. Here are a few similarities between stereotypical fraternities and The Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones.

1. Chapter Letters

While Chapter letters are worn by some sororities and fraternities on special occasions, The Night’s Watch is always wearing their signature look: black. You could even call it “badge attire” if you’d like, but they’re always looking fierce and fine in their all black gear and fur.

2. Mascot

The direwolf, surprisingly, is not the mascot we’re talking about. It’s actually the crow. The crow is the mascot, or house animal, of The Night’s Watch, much like a fraternity would have some kind of mascot animal, such as a lion or a goat.

3. There’s a Chapter House

Where do the Night’s Watch men congregate for meetings, discussing fraternity business, and holding chapter property? The chapter house AKA “The Wall” AKA “Castle Black.” Might as well put some letters on the front door for the wildings and white walkers to see.

Note: Should be Nu NOT Kappa, jus fyi

4. Pledge Period

There’s a brief period where they’re technically brothers of the Night’s Watch but not completely, sort of like a pledge. They’re learning about what it means to be a brother, being placed in their factions of the brotherhood, and technically they have the option to drop before they “take the black”. There’s also a little bit of hazing, but we won’t get into that here.

5. The Oath

They have an oath, a creed, and a way of life that they will follow and have to speak orally (sounds like any Greek organization to me). They also have ritual that revolves around it, including going to the tree just outside the wall and reciting your vows.

6. They Put On Philanthropy Events

I would argue that the wildings are their philanthropy — or at least Jon Snow’s. They want to show what brotherhood looks like by giving back to a cause and are very well versed in it. They’ve had this philanthropy for thousands of years, and are proud of it! (sort of)

7. Class President

We all know that Jon Snow was his Pledge Class’s President. Duh. And then he went on to be the fraternity president before…you know…

8. It’s All Boys + Sweethearts

One of the main rules of being in Tau Nu Omega is that you HAVE to be a guy, but they do have a few exceptions of ladies who can wear their letters/ hang around with them. Gilly could be their Sweetheart in a sense. But for the most part, it’s boys only.

Okay, so maybe The Night’s Watch is a bit different from a fraternity, but there’s definitely some insane similarities if you think about it. Try to think about rushing Tau Nu Omega next time you watch the Game of Thrones series before the season premiere! I guarantee you’ll look at Jon Snow’s story a lot differently.

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