7 Tips to Get Out of Your Head

Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing well despite having to be quarantined. For those that don’t have to be quarantined like our health care workers, police, food places, grocery stores I thank you for all you do as we deal with the Coronavirus. 

So, because a lot of people are having to stay home I wanted to talk about mental health. More specifically, when you “get in your head.” Being stuck at home  can be difficult and with no room to turn we can start turning against ourselves. Now this isn’t a post just because we as a world are going through difficult times right now. I hope this helps you in the future, too. 

For me personally I get in my head, not a lot, but enough for me to talk about it and understand what I actually do when I get in my head. When I get in my head I start thinking about all of what’s wrong with me. For me, I think about my weight, my acne, why I don’t have a boyfriend, why I don’t seem to keep friends long. From there it turns into wondering if the friends I have at the moment actually like me. Why do they always seem to leave me out of certain things? What is wrong with me to be rejected like that? I then get angry and start going deeper into my head trying to figure out what I did when in reality I did nothing. It's just all my insecurities seem to come out at one time at full force. 

I don’t get in my head often, but when I do it seems like I have 101 things due and I can’t sleep and everything is going bad. So getting out of my head can be difficult. I can certainly understand during this time as we all have to remain in our home that this can become more prevalent.

In order to help deal with “getting in your head” I have come up with a list of things I do that help me get out of my head.

  1. 1. Get Out of Bed

    This is more specific to being quarantined. It is so easy to just stay in bed to do work. I recommend that you move to a desk or to your living room. Doing work in your bed is not a bad thing, just make sure you rotate yourself. It is easy to get in a funk if you don’t move. 

  2. 2. Exercise

    This seems to help a lot of people. Getting your mind and body focused on the present workout helps get those bad thoughts out of your head.

  3. 3. Read

    This is what I do everytime, not that I don’t read daily but I read even more when I get in my head.

  4. 4. Journal

    Journaling has become very popular in the last few years. I keep a little notebook where I write down what I don’t like about myself or goals I want to do. Journaling helps expel those insecurities onto a sheet of paper. 

  5. 5. Drink Hot Tea

    Tea Bag In Mug Moody

    This is another thing that I do and, just like reading, I don’t only drink hot tea when I get in my head. For me it just seems like hot tea helps calm my mind down.

  6. 6. Watch a Comedy

    Sometimes you just need a laugh when things seem dreary.

  7. 7. Think About What You Love About Yourself and Negate Those Insecurities

    This is probably the best thing out of the whole list. No matter what you may think at that very moment, everyone has something they like about themselves, something they are good at. For me I like my smile, my hair, my thighs and my legs. I like the fact that I am a little and that I don’t fit into “groups” like others do. I like the fact that I am intrapersonal, meaning that I understand myself. From my motivations, emotions, feelings, I understand them, sometimes I just can’t help them. Then it would be even better if you could negate why your insecurities are not true. For example, with why I don’t have a boyfriend. It just isn’t the right time for me to be in a relationship. I know there is someone out there for me but the timing isn’t right. There is nothing wrong with me personally as to why I don’t have a boyfriend.


Ok, so that’s it. I really hope this helps you on our journey through not only quarantine but everyday life. Until next time.