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Getting bored of music is one of the worst curses the modern world has to offer. Thankfully, Spotify has a lovely little playlist ready for listeners who are searching for something new, but not too new. Here are some of the best songs from the Spotify Sessions: Covers playlist that you need to listen to immediately, especially if you are in a music slump!

Tim McGraw- Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers, who has been dubbed by fans as a witchy feminist, overs the classic Taylor Swift song from her self-titled album, bringing her own feel to the piece. Moving away from the country tang that Swift adopted during this album, Rogers takes a more techo/indie/pop approach to the song. She changes the melody of the chorus just a little bit, singing it in a higher register of her voice, as well as repeating the line “I hope you think of me” at the end of each chorus, adding to the indie-pop feel of her distinct music style. Her cover also brings a new level of maturity to the piece that is just hard to reach from the original 16-year-old point of view. 

This version of the song is perfect for anyone looking for that delicate mix of nostalgia and something new. 

Say My Name- Hozier

The Irish native, Hozier, takes on the classic Destiny’s Child hit, but with his own gospel twist on the work. He moves away from the familiar R&B beat of the originial by adding a traditional organ to the piece, as well as incorporating several background singers to the accompany him in a beautiful, lofty harmonies. His version of the song brings a very echoing and acousting take to the song, which fits the style of his newest album, Wasteland, Baby!, in which he pays tribute to the black musicians who were foundations of his music style in his song Nina Cried Power. 

Hey Ya!- Panic! At the Disco

Fans of Brendon Urie and Panic! At the Disco need to check his cover of this song right now! This cover will take listeners right back to 2003 when the song was released, keeping the classic guitar line, clapping percussion, and the iconic beginning that makes the song so memorable. Even though the cover is pretty similar to the original, it still has fun tastes of Urie throughout the piece, like his incredible voice range, and overall is just a fun throwback piece for anyone looking for to have a good time.

Lost in Japan- Kelsea Ballerini 

Rising country star, Kelsea Ballerini brings a sweet country twang to Shawn Mendes’s pop song from his self-titled album. Opening the piece with a stunning and lofty acoustic guitar line, she already claims the version as her own before she even jumps into the rest of the song. She maintains the soft, light tone of the piece while also bringing her own fun, bubbly energy to the piece. Her soprano vocals also bring a new level to the piece, making it more her own. 

Better Now- Troye Sivan

Taking a more acoustic approach to the popular Post Malone song, Troye Sivan covers Better Now with a guitar, his trademark floating harmonies, and his soft, lullabye melodies. It gives a more vulnerable and personal take to the already deep and heartbreaking song. The piece opens with a beautiful acoustic guitar line that just throws listeners right into the feeling that Sivan is trying to convey in his cover of the song. 

For anyone searching for a soft breakup song, look no further and check out this piece right away. 

Covers are a great way for artists to keep creating content for their fans without having to put the time and effort into coming up with a brand new concept, but they are also a great way for listeners to find something new that they can add to their playlists. This article is only a sampling of what Spotify has to offer in their covers playlists, so if you weren’t able to find something here, go check it out! 

Caroline Ernst is a senior at Christopher Newport University studying English with a writing concentration and classical studies and literature as minors. She studied abroad in Rome fall semester of her junior year, where she spent her time exploring the city, Italy, and many other European cities. On campus, she works as her university's Italian tutor in their tutoring center, where she also work as a the Foreign Language Lead Tutor. In addition, she works in the writing center on campus as a writing consultant, helping students with their essays and other writings. She is a proud member of CNU's chapter of Her Campus, where she writes for their writing team and this year will take on the responsibility as Senior Editor.