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5 Songs to Change Your November Mood

Recently, I’ve been in this grung-y groove. These are the songs that have had me bopping my way to and from class.

Own Me: bülow

Okay just TRY to walk to this song without having your feet land perfectly on beat. This electronic grunge song is impossible not to bop to.

Dirt: Elliot Lee

Stressed? Mad? Otherwise upset? This song has you. The catchy chorus screams empowerment and rising above, reminding you that you totally got this.

Idk: Bruce Wiegner

This song is way too slept on. Although it doesn’t match the same grungy mood of the other songs I’ve listed, it has the same kind of message — paying attention to what people think of you means nothing if you really know yourself. Always a good reminder of self-worth and self-love.

Good Things Fall Apart: ILLENIUM ft. Jon Bellion

Okay I’m cheating again — not so grungy. I mean, it’s Jon Bellion, so what could we really expect. This song goes hard when you’re driving. I don’t know what it is about it, but the music really makes me feel like I’m in some coming of age movie.

it’s not u it’s me: Bea Miller, 6LACK

Another funky, gungy beat that makes me feel powerful. This song preaches self-love and makes you feel like a badass while doing it.

Honorable mention: Dirty AF1s: Alexander 23

Soft, slow, and quiet — Dirty AF1s doesn’t really match the mood of this playlist, but it’s sweet and soft and lowkey sad.


Hopefully you can find a new fall favorite in this slew of songs! 

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