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5 Shows to Binge-Watch When School is Back In Session

Every school year, I look forward to catching up with friends, starting new classes, and getting back on campus to start a new semester of classes. But, the thing that I’m most excited about? Binge-watching a new tv show. 

I started this tradition my freshman year. I had always wanted to watch The Office and I had 25 minutes for lunch a few days a week, so I started watching it during my breaks. Before I knew it, I was in tears in the DSU watching that final episode (don’t judge me unless you’ve seen it!). 

It’s an awesome tradition, and I love taking a break and catching up on episodes. If you need some help finding shows, you’re in the right place! Here are my 5 favorite TV shows to watch when school is back:

1. The Office

Streaming service: Netflix (no, it is NOT leaving Netflix! Curse you, rumor spreaders!)

About the show: This show is an absolute classic, and there are very few that have not seen it. I have to admit, I’ve caught myself doing the “Jim-look” at the invisible camera that’s filming the sitcom of my life when someone says something foolish. The Office delivers a gut-wrenching laugh on even the worst school days and makes you care for characters that you just thought were funny. Episodes vary anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. A majority of the episodes fall in the 20 minute-range, which is perfect for a midday lunch break!


2. Rick and Morty

Streaming location: Hulu or Adult Swim

About the Show: I have to admit, I was doubtful when my older brother told me it was hilarious, so don’t judge it until you’ve seen a few episodes. This show is hilariously strange and I really think that’s the only way to describe it. The show follows the adventures of the world’s greatest genius (and alcoholic), Rick and his grandson, Morty, throughout space and time.

Although it is strange to some, this show delivers some serious laughs. Each episode is about 20 minutes, which makes it great for a midday humor.

3. New Girl

Streaming location: Netflix or Hulu

About the Show: This show is honestly one of my favorite shows ever, but I might be little biased as an aspiring teacher. The show follows the daily shenanigans of Jessica Day, a quirky and hilarious teacher, and her 3 male roommates. The show is funny and sweet at the same time and the characters are extremely relatable. I love Jess so much because I see myself in her quirky outfits and her sense of humor. Also, the show is painfully accurate on what it’s like to become an adult, like getting an apartment, relationships, and really makes you appreciate life’s funny moments. 

Each episode will take you about 20 minutes to watch and they are seriously addicting, so get ready to watch two or three in a sitting.

(side note: Hulu is the most up-to-date on current episodes, so if you have both streaming services, I’d recommend watching it on there!)

4. Gilmore Girls (& a Year in the Life)

Streaming location: Netflix

About the Show: I have a really personal connection with this show. I first watched it the Spring of my Freshman year (post-The Office binge) with my mom. Although we couldn’t watch episodes together, we tried to stay on the same episode, so we were able to stay connected, even from so far away.

The real Gilmore Girls: The Gonzalez Girls

(Also, we both love coffee so much that my mom got us mugs to drink our Saturday morning coffee out of when I visit home. We’re adorable, I know…) 

The show follows the daily life of single-mom, Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory (short for Lorelai). The show spans 7 years of the Gilmore family’s lives and has plenty of wit, humor, and emotion throughout the 7 original seasons and the new 4-episode mini-season, “A Year in the Life”. Each episode is about 45 minutes, so definitely make some time to follow the Gilmore Girls throughout Stars Hollow and beyond.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Streaming location: Hulu

About the Show: In similar Office fashion, this show tracks the adventures of NYPD detective, Jake Peralta, his strict (yet secretly hilarious) Captain, and his precinct colleagues. There are so many different characters that will seriously have you laughing out loud in the lib during study breaks. Each episode is about 20 minutes, so take a break with Precinct 99 and laugh a bit between chapters.

Those are my suggestions! I’m currently making my way through Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Friends (PIVIOT! PIVOT!!), but let me know what shows get you through the week! 

HCXO, Captains!

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