5 Reasons Morticia & Gomez's Love Is the Best

When you ask people who their favorite movie or TV couple is, you’d probably get the same responses: Jim & Pam, Jack & Rebecca, Ross & Rachel, Chandler & Monica, Damon & Elana, Noah & Allie, Han & Leia, Ron & Hermione, Melanie & Jake, Johnny & Baby… the list could go on.

But you know who’s my favorite?

That’s right. Morticia and Gomez.

They’re just perfect. And here’s why. (Note: if you want a more serious take on this, check out Harris O'Malley's article about them. I don't agree with all of his reasoning, but then again I'm not even in a relationship so do I really have a valid opinion?)

They support their children.

Everyone’s kids can be weird. But when Wednesday and Pugsley do their horrible acting performance (complete with severed limbs and fake blood spattered across the audience), Morticia and Gomez are more than smiles for their odd children, clapping hysterically for them.

They support each other.

Even when Gomez eff’s up (which is a lot), Morticia forgives him and loves him. This one’s a no brainer.

Morticia speaks French.

Okay, if you know me, you know I took French in high school. Speaks for itself, imo.

They’re not afraid to be weird.

Case in point.

Gomez is confident enough in his masculinity to tell his wife how he really feels about her.

Actually, er, show her. (Gomez’s moustache is kinda weird, though, I’ll give yah that.)

And there yah have it, folks.

*I will say that Harry and Sally are my second favorite couple. Mainly because they’re funny. But that’s all.*