5 Reasons I Love Jersey Shore

love Jersey Shore. I don't care who knows, but the show it totally my guilty pleasure. I started watching the show last year with a friend, and I became obsessed with the fist pumping, too-tanned, t-shirted Guido and Guidettes. The jokes from the show trickled into my own life, and now I can't help but yell "CABS ARE HERE" every time my Uber arrives.

Here's 5 reasons why I love Jersey Shore:

1. GTL

For all you uneducated, non-Guidos, "GTL" stands for Gym, Tan, Laundry. According to the show's cast, it's the three fundamental basics to living a real Guido life. You have to be committed to all three, and be sure you pick up your tees from the laundromat before 5.

2. Vinny's & Pauly's Bromance

I feel like this can only be described through visuals.... please enjoy:

3. The Duck Phone

I'm still trying to find a replica duck phone for my apartment, but the search has been in vain so far. It's such a silly thing, but when you hear that phone quack, you know something's going down...


I feel like Pauly worked up more of a sweat yelling that the cab had arrived than he did fist-pumping at the club. There are dozens of compilations, and it honestly never stops being funny.

5. "Where's the Beach???"

This is more of a moment, but I feel like it sums up the entire show. Snooki, in a tequila-fueled rage, goes in search of the beach... which is right next to her. We've all had moments like this, but seeing it happen in the show was one of the funniest parts of all the seasons. 

The reunion seasons are almost here, and I can't wait to see what the crew does this time!