4 Reality TV Shows You Should Watch

Reality TV is hit or a miss for a lot of people. For me, it's a hit and a miss. Some reality tv shows are not good at all and I'm not sure why anyone would choose to watch them. Other reality tv shows are just some fun. So here I have listed four of my favorite reality tv shows. 

  1. 1. Are You The One

    Okay, so here's my newest reality tv show obsession. I started this show this summer watching season 8 and was immediately hooked. Are You The One is a show where matchmakers from MTV pair people to their soulmate from the cast and you have to find your match to win the grand prize of one million dollars. Their most recent season, season 8, did this with sexually fluid people. So the potential matches skyrocketed. I was hooked as I tried to figure out, along with the cast, who matched up with who. This show also features great fights - What's good Paige? What's good?! - and some really awesome romance pairs. For this show, I recommend watching season 8 first, as that's what got me hooked on the show. Also, not every season wins the prize, so you never know what to expect!

  2. 2. Catfish

    For those of you who don't know the definition of the word catfish, it's contacting someone under false pretenses and forming a relationship with that person. You would think in the year 2019, no one could possibly be catfished anymore. Well, you would be wrong! Catfish is, in fact, still running (though Max departed in 2018) and the antics are still as crazy as ever. If you've never seen an episode, I highly recommend watching just one episode because you will be hooked. And sometimes, the catfishes turn out to not be a catfish at all, so you never truly know what to expect during an episode. 

  3. 3. Rupaul's Drag Race

    Rupaul's Drag Race is one of my favorite shows, period. I wrote an article about my favorite queens from the show, so I'm not lying when I say it's a good show. It's an amazing show for the LGBTQ+ community as everyone on the show is LGBTQ+. This show has the most meme-worthy moments and jaw-dropping fights. For this show, I recommend watching every season except season one because the quality of the first season is tragic. 

  4. 4. America's Next Top Model

    America's Next Top Model has been going on for ages and yet I can't seem to stop watching every new season. The premise of this show is, as you may have guessed, modeling. Depending on the season, around 14 people (girls mostly, but in the newer season men were allowed) compete every week to become America's Next Top Model. This show features ridiculous catfights, stunning photography, and hilarious quotes. I recommend you start on the earlier seasons as though have the most iconic moments. 

Hopefully one of these shows interests you! Are there any reality tv shows you would've added to the list? Comment down below!