3 Roommate Bonding Ideas

In college life and the real world, you are likely going to have roommates. They might be people you know or random people you find on Facebook. Either way, bonding with your roommates is important as it might make your living situation more cohesive and functional. As such, here are three ways to bond with your roommates.

  1. 1. Binge Watching Shows

    This is a super-easy way to bond. Find something that you all like or want to watch or something that none of you have ever heard of. Open up a streaming service and voila! You all can now bond over the show, especially if the show turns out to be a total bust and you all dislike it.

  2. 2. Baking/Cooking Together

    This is a task that may be difficult if one or many of your roommates have dietary restrictions but it's still doable! Pick out a recipe, whether it be a meal or baked good and give each of your roommates a task so everyone can do something. Depending on how the results go - very good or very poorly - you all can still bond over the experience!

  3. 3. Board Game Night

    Get your roommates together and play a board game or two to really get to know your roommates. If you can't think of any fun party games, Cards Against Humanity and the Game of Life are a couple of good ones. 

Hopefully, these ideas helped you and your roommates out if you've been wanting to bond with them! My roommates and I have personally done some of these and they are always a good time. What do you and your roommates do for fun? Comment down below!