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18 Signs You Go To CNU

1. Everyone holds doors for the people behind them.

2. You look forward to being greeted by Ms. Linda when you enter Regatta’s.

3. You’ve been called either “baby girl,” “young sir,” or “big guy” by Mr. Greg.*

4. At theme meals, you go all out and have no regrets treating yourself, especially when it comes to the chocolate fountain.

5. A walk longer than five minutes to the dining hall is a fate you’ll never have to endure.

6. Columns. Everywhere.

7. You have an irrational fear of falling down the DSU stairs.

8. You can leave your things at your spot in the library to grab a cup of coffee knowing that no one will steal anything because Captains have each other’s backs.

9. You live for Wednesdays because Commons serves Buffalo Chicken Wraps (or you just don’t understand what the big deal is).

10. Seeing President Trible on campus is basically a celebrity sighting. 

11. You crave Einstein’s milkshakes, especially during finals week. Subsequently, this is when your dining dollars are close to nonexistent. 

12. You’ve been to Cookout at least once during your college career.

13. You think a long walk is going to the Ferg.

14. Your raincoat and boots are your most prized possessions on a rainy day.

15. You still get excited when you receive an email from Shauron Russell that you have a package waiting for you.

16. You’ve gotten lost in Forbes.

17. You can’t wait to graduate and throw your penny in the fountain at commencement…

18. But you know CNU will always be home, and you’re a Captain for life.

* Though Mr. Greg no longer works in Regatta’s, we hope you’ll remember his kind spirit and dedication to the students of CNU. Read about him here.

Lee Martin is a 20-year-old junior at Christopher Newport University majoring in Communication Studies with minors in Leadership and Women's & Gender Studies. She co-founded CNU's chapter of Her Campus and currently serves as Co-Campus Correspondent/Editor-in Chief, as well as a Chapter Advisor to five other campuses. As a journalist, she has written for The Oyster Pointer, The Winchester Star, and worked with National Student Leadership Conference's Journalism, Film & Media Arts program. When not writing, you can find her binging on chocolate and coffee while laughing at Parks and Rec or The Office. If you must read her silly musings, follow her on Twitter at @loveleeforlife
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