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15 Thoughts You Have Before and During a Blind Date

1. Do I really trust my friend with my love life?

2. She knows my type right? Have we talked about that recently?

3. What is the game plan if I have to make a quick exit?

4. Oh no, today is the day.

5. Why in the world did I agree to this stupid idea?

6. Is it too late to back out now?

7. Oh no, he just knocked on the door.

8. Makeup check. Outfit check.

9. Let me look through the peephole first.

10. Well he doesn’t look like an axe murderer so that’s a plus.

11. Don’t say something stupid. Don’t say something stupid. Don’t say something stupid.

12. Wow, he is actually really good looking!

13. I love my friends. I love my friends.

14. I love blind dates, who doesn’t?

15. Ask for my number already!

Virginia born and bred, Miranda is attending Christopher Newport University as a Junior and is studying Business Administration with minors in Leadership Studies and Psychology. When she isn't busy with sorority life and other extracurricular activities, she loves to listen to music, go to concerts, and take spontaneous trips to the beach. She dreams of one day moving to Nashville and working in the music business. In the meantime, you can follow her adventures on Instagram: @mirandam2323
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