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15 Struggles of Being an Ambivert in College

Ambiverts are an even mixture of shy and outgoing. They’re personable and friendly, but they also enjoy their alone time. If you feel like you don’t quite fall into either of the introvert/extrovert camps, then chances are you’re an ambivert! Ambiverts are versatile, cool individuals that fit in nearly anywhere they go. However, ambiverts are not without their fair share of problems, especially in college. From being misunderstood to not even understanding yourself sometimes, ambiverts face quite a few daily struggles. 

1. People think you’re an extrovert

2. People think you’re an introvert

3. People don’t know what to make of you in general

4. Sometimes you don’t even know what to make of yourself

5. Some days you love being around your friends

6. But some days, you just want to crawl into bed and watch rom-coms all by yourself

7. There’s really no typical day for you because you feel differently on a day-to-day basis

8. Some days you love speaking up in class and genuinely enjoy group work

9. Other days, all you want to do is skip class and do individual work for the entire class period

10. Your roommates don’t always understand when you feel like hanging out and when you feel like being alone

11. When you explain what ‘ambivert’ means, people think it’s like being bi-polar

12. But it’s not a mental illness. It’s a personality trait

13. It’s a great personality trait because you understand and empathize with everyone. But sometimes that sucks because you can become too emotionally invested in everything

14. It’s all okay, though, because you can make friends with just about everyone

15. You’re like the perfect happy medium

Can you relate? If so, you’re probably an ambivert. Now get out there and be the wonderful person that you are!

Adelaide is a senior at CNU pursuing a BA in English w/ an emphasis in writing. After graduation, she plans to become an Editorial Assistant in Manhattan. In her free time, Adelaide loves reading books, playing with her two wonderful cats, and spending time with her grandpa.
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