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The 14 Stages of Winter Break told by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Finally! After three months of sleep deprivation, academic depression, stressful weeks, and the mental debate to dropout out or not, winter break finally came, and with the help of characters of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air I’m going to break down how it went.

Stage 1: The excitment you feel when you first arrive home.

Stage 2: Those first 48 hours where your bed is the only thing you truly need. 

Stage 3: That excitment you feel when you taste your first home-cooked meal. 

Stage 4 : That special moment when you and bae first see each other since leaving for school. 

Stage 5: When you and your home squad are finally reunited. 

Stage 6: When you realize you missed your siblings, too.

Stage 7: Going out is a must! 

Stage 8: The Holidays are always a plus with the family. 

Stage 9: Then, when your family asks about your well being, love life, grades, etc.

Stage 10: Then, it suddenly hits you just how much you miss you friends from college.

Stage 11: Just as you start to feel comfortable, your parents place a restriction on your freedom by giving you a curfew and providing you with a list of daily chores. 

Stage 12: After several weeks, your parents are annoyed with your presence. 

Stage 13:  By the end of break, saying goodbye may be hard.

Stage 14: But when it’s time to go back, no one is more ready than you.

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