10 Signs That You've Hit Your Emo Phase

I just started my sophomore year of college, and I’m slowly but surely finding new interests that I never thought I would like. Things that all my friends did in middle and high school, I’ve just begun to take pleasure in. Instead of jamming out to A$AP Ferg and Migos, I’m obsessing over Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. I feel the need to rebel against my parents by coloring my hair and getting tattoos. It finally hit me when I was crying and looked in the mirror and thought the mascara running down my face looked “cool” and “artsy”; I finally hit my emo phase. I thought I had skipped it entirely, but the signs were clear, and here they are:

1.) You obsess over punk bands because their dark lyrics “speak to you” 

2.) You own an absurd amount of flannel, lace, and/or black clothing 

3.) You unironically write poetry or song lyrics in your free time 

4.) You have an entire photo album on your phone or Pinterest board that consists only of quotes 

5.) You have another photo album on your phone that consists only of pictures of all the tattoos and piercings you want to get done

6.) You’re really into the idea of dying your hair and wearing lots of eyeliner and/or dark lipstick 

7.) You shop at Spencer’s and Hot Topic unironically 

8.) You take pleasure in some things that are too dark to even admit (crying yourself to sleep, enjoying candles too much, etc.) 

9.) The idea of having bangs doesn’t scare you 

10.) Crying is a daily occurrence for you and you’re not afraid to admit it 

Can you relate too any of these? If so, you've probably hit your emo stage, too! Now go jam out to some Fall Out Boy and paint your nails black.