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10 Inevitable Cringeworthy Moments of Being a CNU Student

1. You forget your rainboots, raincoat, or umbrella and it’s completely pouring outside. It’s okay, you wanted to look like you just took a shower, right?

2. You procrastinate and need to turn something in before the deadline, but the wifi will go down for the daily 12 a.m. panic.

Don’t worry, it will go back down at 1 a.m.

3. You will wait seemingly forever at Einstein’s or for a buffalo chicken wrap at Commons. Patience is not your virtue.

4. At some point in the semester, all your professors will team up and have all the exams on the same day.

Sleep is for the weak.

5. No matter what point in the semester it is, someone will take your seat that you’ve had since the first day of class.

6. You’ll decide to wait until the last minute to cram, stay up all night long and still know nothing in the morning.

7. Some professor will decide that group projects are a great idea. You will be doing an unfair amount of the project or be stuck with an unbearable group.

8. You’ll receive the Sunday email from Libby from the Center for Career Planning, only to realize that the weekend’s over and you’ve done no homework.

You had fun, no regrets.

9. The one day you get to sleep in, the groundskeepers decide it’s a perfect time to mow ALL the grass.

10. You will have so much work to do and have no idea where to even start. Instead you just lie there in defeat.

The only thing to console you is the fact that you’re not alone.

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