10 College Girl Clothing Must-Haves

A sense of personal fashion and style is so important, especially in a world where social media and celebrity culture encourages conformity and likeness among millenials. College is arguably the best time in a girl’s life to explore different fashion ideas; you’re free, you can be whoever you want to be, and nobody will judge you. However, if you’re living away from home, there are a few essentials that all college girls must have on campus. Here’s ten of my picks:

1. A rain jacket

If you’d rather stay dry and not get caught in a torrential downpour while you’re walking to class, you should bring a rain jacket or a windbreaker. Either would work as long as it’s tough and has a hood.

2. A couple of sweatshirts 

I basically live in sweatshirts at least four days a week. I have some nice winter coats here, but TBH, usually I just wear a sweatshirt instead.

3. A pair of Vans or Converse style sneakers

...that you don’t mind getting dirty.

If you’re into partying, you’ll need a pair of flat-bottom sneakers that can get sticky and stained. If you don’t want to spend $60 on a pair, just pick up a no-brand pair from Target for around $10!

4. A piece of merch from your school

I have a couple CNU sweatshirts and a couple T-shirts!

5. A couple pairs of leggings

It’s universally known that leggings are one of the most basic parts of a college dress code. They’re comfy, and usually they’re super cute, so it’s a win-win. I’d recommend at least a couple pairs of simple black leggings, and maybe one or two fun colored or patterned pairs.

6. A pair of boots

Booties, knee boots, thigh-high boots...whatever you like! Boots are just a really easy and cute way to take an outfit to the next level while still being comfortable and sensible. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wedges as much as the next girl, but you’ll find me reaching for my ankle boots much more.

7. A business-casual outfit

This can be whatever matches your style! For example, my usual go-to is a pair of cute ankle pants, a white shell top, a black draped cardigan, a cute necklace, and a pair of black flats or nude pumps.

8. A pair of running shoes

Whether you’re walking to class or hitting the gym, a nice pair of running shoes are an absolute essential. Your feet will probably be super sore if you don’t have these!

9. A denim skirt or a pair of denim shorts

Show these off at tailgates, parties, or even on the warm days coming in a few months!!

10. A sports bra

Comfortable and functional, a sports bra is the perfect undergarment for the gym or a lazy day. You won’t regret bringing at least one.


Those are ten of my college girl clothing must-haves. Did I leave any of yours out? Let me know in the comments below!