1 to Lit: CNU's Residence Halls Ranked

Residence Life at Christopher Newport University is definitely top notch. Often more than not, CNU's dormitories/res halls have been ranked as one of the best in the country. Our Freshmen dorms are relatively spacious, and it only gets better as the years go by. Each Res Hall has a certain kind of vibe, a culture if you will. We've decided to rank each hall from 1 to Lit for your reading pleasure.

It's pretty dead in York River Hall, TBH. Home to most PLP & Honors Freshmen, these kids tend to stay pretty quiet, and any kind of partying is usually not detectable. We gave it a solid 2/10 for effort.

They may not be Freshmen, but these Sophomores still tend to keep their activities pretty lowkey, or out of the res hall. Warwick is an okay place to be, but there are better places to go for a good time. We decided it deserved at least a 3/10.

Most upperclassmen will be in Rapp, and most kickbacks will be there too. If you're looking for a safe place to chill and have a good time with a few close friends, Rapp is the best place to go. The rooms are spacious, but the walls are thin so it's best not to throw a rager. Rapp is definitely a solid 6/10.

How did J Ratchet beat out Rapp? It's simple. JR is home to a big mix of classes, and it's made this hall ever so slightly more interesting than Rappahannock. JR homes Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. It's a big melting pot of people, and the culture tends to constantly have moves going on inside of this hall. On a good day, JR hits the 6.5/10 mark.

East Campus houses an array of upperclassmen. Not only do most seniors live on East, but you also have Greek Village and Landing. Since most people living here are over 21, there is always something going on at East Campus. They proudly deserve an 8/10 score.

Sketchtoro, obviously, gets a 9/10. When it comes to underage drinking, this res hall is the hub of it all. It's loud, it rowdy, and FDA's can tell you some pretty interesting stories about residents coming into the dorm trashed every day of the week. The environment is hella fun, hella friendly, and definitely a handlful for CNUPD.

Potomac? 10/10?

Why yes. The dorm that is often forgotten is actually the best place to go to have a good time. Anything you can imagine has happened in these two buildings. Most incidents on campus happen in Potomac, and it houses both Freshmen and Sophomores. Fun fact, there was a drug ring being ran in Potomac South not too long ago. It was busted, but that just goes to show how hard Potomac kids go. It's lit, lit, lit.

We're not entirely sure what kind of vibe the new Greek Mansions have, but we're interested to see how it grows in the next few years as CNU adds houses. Will it be as dead as York? Or as hoppin' as Potomac? Only time will tell.