Zodiac Signs Based on Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving is approaching, shopping lists are getting longer, and people across America are daydreaming about food when they should be working. Some people, after minimizing their essay for the fifth time, might start wondering what Thanksgiving food best matches their personality. In cases like this, we must turn to the incredibly accurate zodiac to tell us.


Aries—Green Bean Casserole

Aries is an incredibly energetic sign. People born under this sign are continuously looking for speed and competition, and they fight to achieve their goals or be in first place.

While an Aries is the type to want to be the turkey, they’re really more like the green bean casserole. Green bean casserole was invented in 1955 using two ingredients that most Americans would have on hand—green beans and cream of mushroom soup. In a short time, it became a staple of Thanksgiving dinners. Making the best of what they have and then excelling nonetheless is a classic Aries move.


Taurus—Mashed Potatoes

Taurus is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. People born under this sign are stable and practical, while also being attuned to the benefits of physical pleasure.

In a lot of ways, Taurus is like mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes would also never let you down. They are a staple of the meal, flavorful enough to be pleasing but not too flavorful to overwhelm. You know exactly what you’re getting into when you take a hefty bite of mashed potatoes, and you’re always happy about it. 



Gemini is a variable sign, which may lead to stereotypes of inconsistency or accusations of having two personalities. However, people born under this sign have an ability to adapt which make them open, curious, and sociable. In short, they’re never boring.

The food that best fits a Gemini is stuffing. It is made up of different types of foods all mixed together and is open to lots of potential ingredients. It is also often used to fill cavities in other foods, which speaks to Gemini’s desire to make friends in an attempt to “find their missing half”.


Cancer—Pecan Pie

Cancer is a sensitive sign. People born under this sign are hard to get to know and don’t like sharing their personal life. However, deep down they are deeply sentimental and attached to their chosen friends and family. 

For cancer, this simply no other option but pecan pie. It’s a little crunchy on top, and it might take some chewing, but it is welcomed to the dinner table every year because it is always sweet and delicious.



Leo is a dominating sign. People born under this sign are self-confident, natural born leaders, and might even dip into arrogance sometimes. Regardless, they have a knack for bringing people together and leading them towards a common goal.

And here it is, the star of the show, the heavyweight champ, the big kahuna. Leo is the turkey of the Thanksgiving meal. Like Leo, the turkey is not afraid to take center stage. It brings the meal together, and the side dishes are so impressed they can’t even muster any resentment over it.



Virgo is a very meticulous sign. People born under this sign are detail-oriented and take a methodical approach to life. They are also very tender, although their heart might sometimes not be accessible to the outside world.

The food most like Virgos would have to be cornbread. The careful nature of the sign lends itself well to the specifics of baking. It is usually soft and easy to eat, but it can become hard when neglected and left in the oven too long.



Libra is a peaceful and cooperative sign. People born under this sign prioritize relationships with other people and always try to avoid conflict. They try to pursue justice and equality, but they sometimes might let their values be overridden by other people’s opinions.

Libra simply has to be gravy. As a liquid, it is fluid and easily moved. It’s always paired with other foods, working together in partnership to make something even better together. Nevertheless, it still has its own special flavor that make it welcome at any dinner table.


Scorpio—Side Salad

Scorpio is a very assertive sign. People born under this sign are determined, resourceful, and occasionally secretive. Although they’re loyal to their close friends, they are also independent and perfectly suited to being on their own.

Scorpios are similar to side salads for a couple reasons, and not just because they both start with the letter S. A salad works together with the meal, but it also remains off to the side in it’s own little bowl. Salads make good use of resources and can involve lots of different food. They also have an air of mystery—is this thin brown crunchy thing supposed to be in this salad, or did it just fall into it in the kitchen? Who knows!


Sagittarius—Apple Cider

Sagittarius is a traveler sign. People born under this sign value their freedom very highly. They are extroverted, enthusiastic, and oftentimes say what they mean, even if it isn’t diplomatic. 

While this isn’t technically a food, Sagittarius couldn’t be anything other than apple cider. As a liquid, it is free to move and change shape much more than any solid food could. Unlike water or milk or other common drinks, apple cider has a taste that enthusiastically demands attention. It is an unfiltered and unsweetened form of apple juice, but the rawness of the drink is refreshing.


Capricorn—Glazed Carrots

Capricorn is a responsible sign. People born under this sign can be rather serious at times, both in their professional and personal lives. They value tradition, self-control, realistic plans, and learning from their mistakes.

While it may be hard to accept that your sign is associated with a dreaded vegetable, the simple truth is that Capricorns are most like glazed carrots. Carrots were one of the foods available at the first Thanksgiving, which appeals to Capricorn’s traditional nature. They are healthy and a smart choice to eat. Nonetheless, glazed carrots have a hint of sweetness to them, and they undoubtedly taste better than Brussels sprouts.


Aquarius—Cranberry Sauce

Aquarius is a progressive sign. People born under this sign see the world as one full of endless possibilities. They are eccentric, original, occasionally shy, and love helping others.

Aquarius can be compared to cranberry sauce, another staple of Thanksgiving dinners. Cranberry sauce undergoes an incredible transformation when it changes from fruit to sauce, a fact that Aquarius can appreciate. It can be sweet or sour, depending on where it is from. While it might seem strange to someone unaccustomed to it, no Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without it.  


Pisces—Pumpkin Pie

Pisces is a gentle sign. People born under this sign are friendly, kind, and selfless. Their compassionate nature can make them overly trusting and overly forgiving, but they will always believe their tolerant nature is a strength.

Pisces, the last of the zodiac but not the least, is comparable to pumpkin pie. It is sweet and oftentimes goes hand in hand with whipped cream and cinnamon. While lesser foods want to be on the shelf year round, pumpkin pie is fine with appearing in the fall and disappearing after the New Year. While some people might not like the flavor of pumpkin, there’s no denying it is a pleasant and essential dessert for Thanksgiving.


And so the list comes to an end. Thank you, zodiac. I can rest easier at night knowing that I have a spiritual connection with green bean casserole.