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Why you should put GIFs in Your Emails

GIFs: the most amazing thing about the internet today. These short clips make everyone’s day a little better -so why not include them in emails? 

Imagine, you’re sitting there, drafting an email to your fellow club members and realize it is the most boring, factual information you could send out. No one will read it, merely skim. It will be one among many in their inbox, not to be revisited even for the information it contains. 

Now imagine you have the perfect way to spruce up your message. A simple “Yaass” gif, or any spongebob gif will make the message twenty times better and ensures that people actually read it. After all, who wouldn’t read a message to find out why they have a gif of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory just below it? 

So, for those of you in need of that perfect GIF, here are some of my favorite types to include:

1. The “Hi, It’s me Again” GIF

2. The “Pump it Up” GIF

3. The “I Relate” GIF

4. The “Reference to a Joke that Only Club Members Get” GIF

5. The “See you later” GIF

Just, maybe make sure you don’t accidentally use them in an email to a professor.

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