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When I’m 80 years old…

It seems like college students are constantly living in the here-and-now.  Staying up for three more hours to get an A on an exam.  Denying that delicious chocolate cupcake because it’ll make you fat.  Not going to a party because you might feel awkward or uncomfortable.  We constantly make these decisions based on our current situation, analyzing how we feel at the exact moment and acting accordingly.  But sometimes it’s beneficial to stop for a moment and ask yourself:  “What do I want to do?”

As hard-working college students, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what we should do in order to get good grades and be successful later in life.  But I’ve found that it’s sometimes incredibly worthwhile to step back and ask myself, “When I’m 80 years old, will I wish that I had spent tonight working on that lab report, or partying and having fun with my friends?”  This simple, honest question can put things in perspective, especially since the answer is most often the choice I wanted to make rather than the choice I felt obligated to make.

It’s normal to get caught up in the wave of stress, worry, and anxiety that plagues every college student at some point in their lives.  But do yourself a favor once in a while and recognize that schoolwork isn’t everything.  These are arguably the best years of your life, and it would be a shame to look back when you’re 80 years old and feel like you wasted them.  So go to bed if you’re tired.  Eat that huge piece of chocolate fudge cake.  Go out and party with your friends once in a while instead of studying all night.  Your post-college self will thank you for it.

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