What April Looks Like for College Students

The weather is finally on point.


Except when you go to CMU. You can always expect an untimely snowfall in the middle of April.



But you have one more month to go, so you try to stay positive!



And then you remember you have finals coming up in 3 weeks…Uh-oh.




…But then you remember that Carnival is right around the corner!





You party so hard that you become Snoop Dogg & Psy.




And then the post-Carnival hangover kicks in…



But in honesty, you’re just glad to be alive from partying that hard.



Then you go into crazy-college-kid-before-finals mode and stay hidden on the 3rd floor of Hunt…And then realize you forgot how to study.



Suddenly, your all of your friends look like sleep-deprived babies crying tears of misery.



But when the day comes, you walk in and you slaaaaaaaaaaaay. Then you realize that all of your sleepless nights and newly gained weight paid off.




You walk out of your last final and your friends shower you in high-fives. The struggle was mutual and you all suffered together.



You begin to compare answers with everyone and realize you wrote something completely different from everyone…



You look at your friend like…



And your friend looks at you like…



But summer break is finally here! And ain’t nobody got time to worry about the past.