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Tiffany Nguyen: The One That Does It All


Whether she’s strutting her stuff on the Lunar Gala catwalk or serving as the president of Project Sunshine, Tiffany Nguyen is constantly working to make CMU’s campus a better and more dynamic place. She is a junior Psychology major with a History and Business double minor, but still makes time to offer her incredible energy and talent to a lengthy list of clubs, organizations and mentor programs. She is Kappa Alpha Theta’s Chief Financial Officer, an Emerging Leaders mentor, a member of the Student Organizations Board and a lab research assistant. But that’s not all.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2013 Orientation Leader for Stever House. Tiffany has been a part of CMU’s Freshman Orientation for the past two years, serving as both an Orientation Counselor and an Orientation Leader. This will be the second time she takes on orientation as an Orientation Leader and her third time organizing the orientation program. Her love of teamwork and ability to make anyone feel at ease, even a terrified freshman, are two of the many reasons Tiffany is the perfect candidate for this job.

“My favorite aspect of Orientation is interacting with the incoming first-years. I am overwhelmingly excited to work with my fellow lovely OLs and HOC as well as the incredible staff we’ve put together. I love being able to bond with a floor and help first-years transition into CMU culture.”

So get excited, class of 2017. Tiffany Nguyen will be sure to make orientation one of the most memorable weeks of your life.  And when orientation is over, Tiffany will continue to spread her hard work and infectious enthusiasm all over CMU’s campus as she continues to lead an impressive list of organizations and committees.    

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