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Stay Strong and Protect Each Other

A lot remains to be said after this week’s presidential elections. On Wednesday morning, many members of our community were distraught and left disillusioned. Although the sun was shining, an eerie shadow of gloom was cast over our entire campus. By early afternoon, students and staff members hung up posters to comfort the mourning Carnegie Mellon community. 

This is one of the many posters that were hung up around campus. They are a mere 6 words that we throw around in our daily conversations, but when combined and spoken loudly and clearly to an agitated community, they are powerful words. 

Stay strong

Raise your hand if you have never faced adversity in your life. Yeah, that’s what I thought. You are stronger than you look or feel, and you are capable of staying strong even during this tough period. In fact, these trials will only make you stronger. Yes you can still be somber about who will and will not be the Leader of the Free World for the next four years, but do not remain fixed in that state of poignancy. Fall down, cry, and maybe even sit there for a few more seconds. But don’t forget to pick yourself up and remind yourself that God did not create you to be weak. Leave what has been done, and focus on what you can do here in the present. Join a community where you can freely disclose your feelings, pick up a sign and join a peaceful protest, engage more in the student community and find out how others are coping and picking themselves up.

Protect Each Other

Yes, protect each other. Please. There are more and more news about minorities getting picked on by advocates of our President-Elect. Regardless of whether or not you are a minority student, please watch out for the safety of others. Families that have immigated to the United States to enjoy the liberties of our free world are now doubting  whether or not they have made the right choice. An Asian woman walking her dog, was called “Chink” by Trump supporters who also threw eggs at her. An Indian man was stopped at a gas station as a group of guys yelled, “Time to get out of this country, Apu!” A group of Hispanic and Black students were asked to sit on the back of the bus, because “Like Trump is president!” These incidents are not okay. They were not acceptable before, and they sure are not acceptable now. If there was ever a time that your neighbor needed you, it is now. More. Than. Ever. So please, please be on the lookout for your fellow students and other members of your various communities.  


And please, do not forget that what you think and feel is completely valid. I hope that you find yourself in a community where you are comfortable enough to disclose your thoughts and feelings. And I hope that you feel like you are accepted and loved for who you are – regardless of your gender, skin color, religious beliefs, etc. Because you are. You are perfectly accepted here, and perfectly loved.  

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