Pittsburgh Survival Kit

It's now mid-February, but spring seems so far away in Pittsburgh. Whenever I see another snow or rain from my dorm window, I wish CMU was in California or Florida.  But don't let this gloomy weather stop you from having an amazing day!  Bundle up so you can keep busy and warm.

To survive in Pittsburgh, the number one thing I recommend is rain boots. With my Hunter rain boots, I can go anywhere when it's raining or snowing—and when it's especially cold out, I can bundle up with Welly socks for extra warmth!  In this intense cold, I bundle up in layers:  a checkered shirt, a cozy sweater, and a nice long necklace.

Item number two?  A jacket that goes with everything, such as this barbour jacket from Jack Wills. If I'm in a rush and have to throw something on without trying it on or checking it in a mirror, this would be my pick.  This waterproof jacket keeps me warm from rain or snow and has a big pocket that fits everything.

Spring is almost here—but not quite yet!  So for now, keep bundling up, girls!