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Winged liner: we have all tried it before, or at least admired it on the models of beauty ads, but we have never been able to achieve those perfect, symmetrical wings. It is true that drawing winged eyeliner is a challenge for most; it takes practice and patience to get it down but once mastered, it gives the eyes a beautiful, elongated look.

Here are some simple tips and tricks for applying winged liner and with some practice, you will be creating those wings like a pro.

Choosing an Eyeliner

If you are new to applying winged liner, it is important to start with an eyeliner that is easy to use. One of the best options is a liquid eyeliner in pen form, also known as a felt tip eyeliner, that will give the most comfortable hold and control. A couple of great options for beginners include the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and the NYX Cosmetics Super Skinny Eyeliner.

Once you become more experienced at the winged eyeliner technique, another great eyeliner option is a gel or cream formula that is typically applied with a small, angled brush. One of the best drugstore options is the Maybelline Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner that comes with its own brush.

Another important consideration for creating wings is the color of the eyeliner. If you are inexperienced, start with a brown or navy eyeliner that is not as harsh as a black; this will allow you to clean up mistakes much easier.


The best way to apply winged liner is sitting down, preferably with a desk to rest your elbow on for control and support. In this example, gel eyeliner will be used, but the application steps for liquid and gel are essentially the same. Before beginning the wing, apply a thin line of eyeliner along the length of the upper lash line. Now here are the steps for drawing the wings:

1. Begin the wing by imagining an invisible line from the outer corner of your bottom lash line to the outer corner of your eyebrow. This is the line that the wing will follow.

2. Draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye along the imaginary line to your brow. If you are a beginner, start by making this line short. You can always make it longer if you want to later.

3. Connect the end of the line you drew to a point about a third of the way along your lash line from the outer corner of your eye using a thin stroke. It is important to make this connection using a thin, even stroke because you are creating an outline to fill in for the rest of your wing.

4. Now go ahead and fill in your wing carefully to complete the look.

If you made any mistakes, it is easy to go back with makeup wipes or concealer to fix them.

And that’s it! It definitely takes practice to master winged eyeliner, but if you follow these simple steps for both eyes, your liner should turn out awesome. The major problem that most beginners run into is making their eyeliner initially too thick along their lash lines, which causes them to make the winged portion too thick as well. This issue can be solved by using a desk to rest your hand on for smooth, even control, and taking your time when you are practicing application; there is no need to rush.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Good luck!

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