Patience is a Virtue

If there is one characteristic I do not have, it is patience. I am the type of girl who asks for immediate responses, immediate solutions, immediate shipping. If it were up to me, once I click “Place Order” the item would pop up at my door. I hate waiting in lines. I hate waiting for replies. I hate waiting for people. I hate waiting for time to give me all the clarity I need.

Sometimes it is a good thing to want to take immediate courses of action. Whether it is at school, in an organization, or at a job, you want to be able to perform quickly and effectively when needed. However, there is no rush when it comes to your life. Our generation grew up thirsty for success. Often, I find myself so ambitious that I forget things like knowledge, relationships, and experience take time to develop. By constantly pushing and rushing to make things happen, I often cross lines, make irreversible mistakes, or find myself further away from my destination than when I first started.

With summer coming around the corner, everyone is left with many questions. How am I going to tie up the loose ends of this semester? What is my summer experience going to consist of? What will happen when I return to campus?

While the impatient control-freak in me wants to tell you to seek those answers as fast as you can, don’t. Give it time. Let yourself enjoy each moment and eventually everything will make sense and fall into place.

I wish you all the happiest of summers, Lady Tartans!