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My 5 Favorite Childhood Shows

  1. Scooby-Doo: I cannot deny that I have no shame when it comes to my obsession with Scooby-doo, even now. I have always loved mystery novels and movies, but at some point I would need a break since they had a tendency to be too creepy. With Scooby-Doo, however, I never got scared because it was always comical and you knew that in just 22 minutes or so there’d be some villain trapped by those “meddling kids” (shout-out to you if you know where that phrase is from – you’re a true fan).
  1. Cyberchase: The sad story of my life is that at a very young age, my parents took away cable to ensure that I was highly focused on my studies (for shows that I mention that weren’t on cable, let’s just say I loved play dates and YouTube was a major discovery in my life). In this small television world of mine, PBS became a regular place for me to turn to because it played the of shows that I liked, including Cyberchase. I’m pretty sure most of my mathematical education came through this show.
  2. Suite Life of Zack and Cody: This is one of those shows that even today, I would still laugh at just as much as I did before. Actually, not would, but do because sometimes I still sit and watch a few re-runs. My entire dictionary of sass comes from the original master himself, Mr.Moseby. This show is a classic and for anyone who has missed out on the glorious opportunity to watch the show that Disney could never recapture the magic of, please go and enlighten yourself immediately – I promise you it’s worth it.
  1. Hannah Montana: My entire childhood, peaking in sixth grade (topped with a Hannah Montana backpack and stickers), consisted of my dreams of being a popstar living a double life. I also watched the movie as soon as it came out and I know the HoeDown Throwdown just as well as I would know the Cotton-Eyed Joe. I am embarrassed to say how much it blew my mind that Miley Cyrus was an actual person and she actually sang and released her own albums.
  1. Arthur: It took me the longest time to realize that the weirdly shaped humans were actually animals dressed as humans. This show is a cult classic, yet I have no clue what makes it so captivating. I think it’s the simplicity of the life that is created in this small city of Elwood, and there’s something just so cozy about it all.


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