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Lunar Gala Redefines Fierce in Fashion

On February 17, 2018, masses of Pittsburgh residents, Carnegie Mellon alumni, and Carnegie Mellon students gathered in Weigand Gym to witness the new masterpiece that was CMU’s 2018 Lunar Gala, themed “Ferox.”  One of CMU’s largest student-run shows, “Ferox” showcased nineteen incredibly unique new collections inspired by this theme.

“Ferox”, which is latin for “fierce”, tells an intense fictional tale driven by the evolution of the human race, which has grown to become technologically advanced, rebellious, and threatening.  The human race was successfully disciplined by the Federation agents, but the rebellious character that has developed in human nature still lives in some humans’ DNA.  Thus, resistance continues to be an ongoing conflict between humans and the Federation agents, even into the year 2268.  “Ferox” displays the chaos that has been contained within the human race.

Many collections utilized a combination of materials that ranging from flowing, elegant textiles to rigid foam boards and plastic.  Colorful strips of plastic caging a silky fabric, breathable fabric encased by a stiff one, even using the Morphing Matter Lab to produce futuristic textiles- A variety of collections consisted of the drastic contrast between materials, especially using the rigid to shape the flexible, illustrating the containment.  Designs also drew inspiration from various ends, ranging from elegant trends seen throughout fashion history to some of the most abstract concepts ever witnessed in clothing.  This coupled with the broad spectrum of inspiration truly amplified some extremely prevalent themes we see in the hungry eyes of humanity. “Ferox” was quite literally the fashion statement.

Sitting in the audience, the entire performance was absolutely stunning and breathtaking.  But when I take a harder look at what was exhibited, there is controversy and chaos.  “Ferox” was a beautiful mess that only left behind a great degree of awe.


“Ferox” concludes that rebellions are inevitable, but peace will always prevail.  So to the human race, I say to you, let this dwell in your minds, and fight if you dare.

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