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Jimmy Krahe

Name: Jimmy Krahe
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Class Year: 2013
Major: Art- Sculpture
Relationship Status: Single
Campus Involvement: Film Club Exec Board
What to you like to do in your free time? Go to the movies
Go-to comfort food: Donuts and bacon. When I’m at home, I go to Krispy Kreme. In Pittsburgh, my donut stop is Peace, Love and Little Donuts.
Abstract talent: Special effects monster makeup for theater and film
Top 3 movies that best capture your personality: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Zorro, and 12 Angry Men
What is your guilty pleasure? Watching Ren and Stimpy
Favorite music: Blues- Stevie Ray Vaughan
Describe your ideal girl in three words: Curious, upbeat, spontaneous
Invent a new superpower: Summon delicious food at will
What constitutes your perfect date? Good food, good movie, and something unexpected

Need a movie date? Movie buff, Jimmy Krahe, just might be the man for you! This blonde-haired and blue-eyed gentleman is a senior 3-D artist that loves everything film from watching movies to creating them behind the scenes. Jimmy never says no to spur-of-the-moment movie escapades and actually has weekly movie runs called “Follow Jimmy” where he encourages students through Film Club to accompany him to see the latest in theaters. And just so you know, ladies- EVERYONE is welcome.

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