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It’s that Wonderful Time of the Year – Finals

Finals are just around the corner and I know most of us still have a lot of end-of-the-semester projects to turn in. It’s a stressful time for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be…kind of. As weird as it may seem, I’ve managed to have some pretty great afternoons while studying. It’s all about the mind set and so, before finals’ madness starts, I just wanted to share some of my strategies to keep focused, toss out the FOMO and have fun…again…kind of.

1.    Study with a friend. There is, however, a very thin line between studying with company and just hanging out with a couple of friends at the library. Choose the people you study with carefully and make sure you motivate each other. Set some time to take a coffee break and chat, but do not forget that the main objective is to catch up on work!

2.    Change the setting. For some reason during a great part of the semester Hunt becomes the place to be, to socialize and to see all of your friends and this, at a certain point, becomes a distraction. Grab one or two friends, like I mentioned before, and go to a coffee shop or the library on Squirrel Hill and change your surrounding environment. Having someone there to motivate you helps, but so does changing your surroundings. There are a few options whether you like to study quietly or with some background noise.

3.    Create a routine. This is something that might not work for everyone, but it works wonders for me. By having specific times to do certain tasks I manage to exercise, eat healthier and hang out with friends while getting all my study done. For me, when all parts of my life synch it’s the greatest feeling and I can focus on studying if I know that later I can do something more enjoyable. Even though spontaneity is a beautiful part of life, putting it aside for a couple of weeks is in your best interest.

4.    Listen to upbeat music. Again, this is very subjective advice. I know a lot of people that can only work in a silent environment, but I have found that a fast faced song will help me come up with some of my best work. Happy songs or even with just an upbeat rhythm make me more willing to work and for a longer period of time.

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