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Bright makeup can be pretty intimidating at first; neon eyeshadow and bold lipstick seems like it can be pretty difficult to pull off. But take it from me — anyone can pull off a colorful look! I’ll walk you through a couple of ways to try out some bright makeup, from subtle pops of color to a full-blown, bright look. Because what better way to celebrate the beginning of spring then a little burst of color?


Subtle: There are lots of colored eyeliners out there, so choose one in your formula of choice. Line your upper lash line with a pop of color, and keep the rest of your eye makeup subtle.

Bold: Pair two different color eyeliners (one on your upper lash line and one on your lower) for an easy but bold look. Try purple and turquoise or green and blue!


Subtle: To add a little color to your lips, look for a semi-opaque gloss (don’t go for something sheer — that won’t give you much color at all, no matter how it looks in the tube). Try something in bright pink, purple, orange, or red.

Bold: Lipstick is always the way to go for bright lips. I always suggest talking to people at beauty retailers like Sephora so you can find one that works well with your skin tone. If you’re wearing bright lipstick, make sure to moisturize and use lip liner to lock in color and make sure your lips stay hydrated.


Subtle: Eyeshadow comes in so many colors, so if you’re intimidated by super-intense colors, try something a little more subdued (but still colorful). You can add just a pop of color on your lid or your crease — pair color with neutrals for something new but not totally out of your comfort zone.

Bold: If you’re ready to go all the way with bright makeup, my suggestion is definitely to go for some neon eyeshadow. You can try just one color on the lid, or try combining a few colors. Before you combine a bunch of colors, I suggest checking out some blogs for inspiration — you want to make sure your colors don’t clash!


When you’re wearing bold makeup, balance is very important. Choose one feature to highlight, and try to keep the rest of your makeup simple. For example, if you’re wearing a lot of colorful eyeshadow, keep your lip color subdued.

For bright eyeshadow, prepping is key. Always use an eyeshadow primer to ensure that colors last all day (I recommend Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion). And if you really want bright colors to pop, try using a white base (I like NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk).

The key to pulling off anything with makeup is always confidence. If you’re unsure about debuting your new, colorful look in public, try wearing it around the house for a while. Once you get used to seeing yourself in bright colors, you’ll feel more comfortable with other people seeing you that way too.

Of course, if wearing colorful makeup still seems too scary, that’s totally fine! In the end, you should always do what makes you feel good.

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