Foodies in Pittsburgh: Dessert at the Porch

There is always, as the saying goes, room for dessert. That being said, after a long overdue trip to the grocery store, my roommate and I decided to grab some dessert this Friday night. After debating between Dave and Andy's and Razzy Fresh (two popular ice cream and frozen yogurt joints, respectively), we decided to try something new and hit up the Porch. As per usual, the popular bistro was filled with college students ordering pizza (which is half off after 9PM on weekdays). The dessert menu is concise, but of course, being our indecisive selves, we took about 15 minutes to order dessert. After changing our minds thrice, we decided to go with the cheesecake and creme brûlée. 



Cheesecake: For the next couple of weeks, the Porch will be serving pumpkin cheesecake. Yes, it is as delicious and simple as it sounds. A classic New York style cheesecake with an ample hint of pumpkin and cinnamony whipped cream is perfect for this chilly autumn season.



 Creme brûlée: The creme brûlée was also fantastic. Although, it was my first time having a less-than-warm rendition of the popular French confection (it was slightly cold - not sure if that was the intention), the hardened caramel and soft custard with vanilla was quite delightful.