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Fall Fashion Trends

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves start to change color and Starbucks finally brings back their pumpkin lattes. Unfortunately, this also means putting away sundresses and flip-flops in preparation for the coming winter months.

But fortunately, fall fashion this year is hot. There are so many new trends, new looks, and even an unexpected color. Here are the top ten trends of fall, including the must-haves!

10. Black and White
Possibly the classiest combination, these colors will be appearing everywhere this fall. And that includes dressier clothes, like suits.

9. Burgundy Raincoats
We all know how much it rains in Pittsburgh. And this is a must-have for the season.

8. Warm Sweaters
Remember in high school when you would have an ugly sweater week around the holidays? Well, pull out those sweaters because the comfortable, cozy sweaters are back. And there are plenty of ways to wear them, so consider them a fashion staple this fall.

7. The Color Red
Red is sexy. And it’s appearing in dresses, sweaters and pants. It’s the boldest look around.

6. Belted White Dresses
Belts add a pop of color and add so much to a sweet white dress.

5. Bold Plaid
Oh yes, this is perfect for Carnegie Mellon. Plaid is in, bright and bold, especially in coats.

4. Pale Gray Dresses
Gray has become a very fall color and it’s back again, in draped, comfortable dresses.

3. Booties
Those cute little shoes match with everything: jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses and come in about every color possible.

2. Leather
Girls on the runway are rocking leather dresses and jackets this fall.

1. Prints
Of course, every season has prints. But, this fall, prints are not just dominating clothing, they have moved on to handbags and shoes.

Soniya Shah is an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University studying technical writing and pre-med.
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