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The Experience of Lunar Gala

Standing in the line of people waiting to get into Weigand gym, I was surrounded   by students who looked radically different from the standard college student in jeans and a t-shirt. I was rather dressed up myself in a sweater dress and pea coat, and just the formal dress wear gave a sense of professionalism to the show. It wasn’t just any other event- it was Lunar Gala, a really, really amazing fashion show that most freshman have only heard of but never experienced.

So here I was, finally making my way into the gym, only to find myself no longer in a gym, but a setup that resembled some of the pictures of venues that I’m seeing for Fashion Week that is happening in New York right now. There was a runway whose entrance was framed by a bright white screen that was animated by this year’s Lunar Gala logo that represented the theme: Strain. Meanwhile, chairs were already packed and filled up 10 minutes before the show, photographers all set to capture the best photographs as models posed at the end of the runway. On each chair, there was a thick booklet that served as both a program and as an introduction to the concepts behind the lines. The sleek and informative booklet showed just how respectable this whole show was and just from the booklet, I could guess that the show was going to be just as classy and sophisticated as I expected it to be.

Needless to say, the show did not disappoint, in fact surpassing all my expectations. I couldn’t sense any hitches in the show as the transitions, videos introducing board members, and dances all blended seamlessly together. Each line was unique, from yarn-textured lingerie that defined “Pom” to the structured, translucent material that characterized the line “Exoskelton.”The models walked with confidence and poise, carrying the clothes they wore with ease.  For those who could not completely see the runway there were projector screens that were set up that surprised with me with the high quality, live, video footage of the models and clothing. The tech crew did an incredible job at complementing the show. Once again, I was floored by the fact that this entire show was student run, indicating just how driven passion can have fantastic results.

One thing is for sure from this event. The show has done justice to the name and reputation of Lunar Gala and has celebrated the 20 years of this incredible show in the perfect manner. 

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