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Emily Wells ’16

Name: Emily Wells

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Psychology and Decision Science  

Year: 2016

Involvement on Campus: WRCT, Kappa Alpha Theta, Explorers club, research

Hobbies/ interests: music, food, traveling, wilderness

Relationship Status: loooooooong distance

Ideal Date Spot: Ski lodge

Favorite cuisine: Mexican cuisine

Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling

Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad

Favorite movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Favorite music:

Favorite thing about CMU: Ultimate Brownies at the Underground  

Favorite CMU Memory: Dance off with Sarah Hodgson

Fun Fact(s) about yourself: I used to own a cross-eyed cat.

3 words to describe yourself: inventive, curious, compassionate

Qualities you look for in a guy: Adventurous, down to earth, bearded

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