Dressing for an Interview in Cold Weather

Oh no! I have an interview, but it's so cold out!

Picture this:  today you have an interview for a summer internship. You want to dress nicely to show that you study hard, but also that you're not a complete nerd who only wears jeans and CMU hoodies. But when you look outside, you  remember that you are in Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, it is snowing. Again. But you can still dress nicely and be warm for your interview!

For my OC interview, I paired a dressy, bright, eye-catching pink top with a black blazer to go for a semi-formal/business casual look.

I also wore a pair of black boots and a grey coat to keep me warm.

I kept my eye makeup simple, doing my eyebrows and using mascara.  For cheerful-looking lips, I wore Benetint lip stain from Benefit.

(I think walking through the snow erased some of my makeup, but I hope my pink top was bright enough that it didn't matter!)

Good luck on your interviews, and keep warm!!